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Lucent Publication

Learn English Translation - Part 1

Lucent Publication

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"This book is useful for All States School Syllabus from Class-I to II."

The subject matter of this book is comprehensive and school exam oriented. Even an average pupil will find no difficulty in understanding the various topics— Hindi-English Alphabet; How to Write Name in English; Use of ‘This’ and ‘That’; Use of ‘These’ and ‘Those’; Use of ‘A’; Use of ‘An’; Use of ‘Am’, ‘Is’ and ‘Are’; Use of ‘Was’ and ‘Were’; Use of ‘Have’ and ‘Has’; Use of ‘Had’; Use of ‘My’, ‘Our’, ‘His’, ‘Her’, ‘Its’ and ‘Their’; Use of ‘’s’ (Apostrophe s); Use of ‘Imperative Sentence’; Questions with ‘What’, ‘Who’ and ‘Where’; Use of ‘Can’ and ‘Should’; Use of Introductory ‘There’; Use of Introductory ‘It’; Tense; Verb Forms; Some Useful Words and Its Hindi Meaning. The author has also tried to present this book in new style.