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Learn English Essay & Letter - Part 1

Lucent Publication

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This book is useful for All States School Syllabus from Class-I to II."

  The subject matter of this book is comprehensive and school exam oriented. Even an average pupil will find no difficulty in understanding the various Essays and Letters— The Cow; The Dog; The Horse; The Elephant; The Tiger; The Crow; The Parrot; The Cuckoo; My Father; My Mother; My Brother; My Sister; My Friend; My Neighbour; My Village; My Town; Our Country; My School; My Class-Teacher; Our Principal; My Best Boy of My Class; My House; My House; My Bicycle; The Mango; The Rose; The Farmer; The Postman; Mahatma Gandhi; Dr. Rajendra Prasad; Letter; Application; Some Useful Words and Its Hindi Meaning. The author has also tried to present this book in new style.