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Lucent Publication

Junior English Translation

Lucent Publication

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"This book  is useful for All States School Examination (Class V to VIII)."

The subject matter of this book is comprehensive and exam oriented. Even an average student will find no difficulty in understanding the various topics—Use of Verb ‘To Be’; Use of Verb ‘To Have’; Articles (A/An and The); Use of ‘This, That, These and Those’; Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns; Nouns in Possessive Case; Introductory ‘There’; Introductory ‘It’; Use of Infinitives with Verb ‘To Be’; Use of Infinitive with Verb ‘To Have’; Tense; Wh-Questions words; Imperative Sentences; Optative Sentences; Use of Can, May, Should and Must; Infinitives, Gerunds and Participles; Phrase and Clause; Voice; Narration (Direct and Indirect Speech); Miscellaneous Exercises; Verb Forms.

      The author has also tried to present this book in new style. Vocabulary is also given after each exercise in this book to learn English Translation.