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Lucent Publication

High School English Translation

Lucent Publication

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"This book is useful for All States School Board Examination." 

             The subject matter of this book is comprehensive and exam oriented. Even an average student will find no difficulty in understanding the various topics—Verb ‘To Be’; Verb ‘To Have’; Articles ‘A/An and The’; Use  of   ‘This, That, These and  Those’; Possessive  Adjectives  and Possessive Pronouns; Nouns in Possessive Case; Tense; Introductory ‘There’; Introductory ‘It’; Infinitives; Participles; Gerunds; Causative Verbs; Yes-No/Wh Questions; Relative Pronouns; Use of ‘Can, May, Should, Must and Ought’; Subject-Verb-Agreement; Voice; Narration; Miscellaneous Exercises; Forms of the Verbs; Enrich your Vocabulary. The author has also tried to present this book in new style. Vocabulary is also given after each exercise in this book to learn English Translation.