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Lucent Publication

High School English Grammar

Lucent Publication

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"This book is useful for the students of class 8, 9, 10. Other students or anybody who wishes to enrich their english grammar may find this book very useful."

It is a modest attempt to meet the requirements of the students who wish to score high marks in grammar and to speak and write correct English. It includes almost all the grammatical items that are necessary for an average student to learn English. The rules of grammar have been discussed, explained and illustrated with suitable examples in the simplest and clearest language possible with a plethora of exercises for practice at the end of each chapter. Discussions and elaborations of rules have been kept to a bare minimum in order to avoid unnecessary strain on the learner's mind. Many an example has been worked out in each chapter before giving exercises. The entire matter of the book is co-related with each other. It is so comprehensive and understanding that it fulfills requirements of all types of learners. Human efforts are always imperfect so I cannot claim to be perfect. In spite of my best efforts, I am aware of the possible errors and omissions that have escaped my notice. I will, therefore, be extremely obliged to the students and the learned teachers who will extend their co-operation by sending their valuable criticism, suggestions and observations that would be duly incorporated in the next edition.