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Lucent Publication

General English Language Part -1(H/E)

Lucent Publication

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"This book will help students who are preparing for the competitive or all schools board examinations."

The subject matter of this book is comprehensive and simple. Even an average student will find no difficulty in understanding the various topics —Rearrangement of Letters, Structural Grammar, Rearrangement of Words, Rearrangement of Sentences in a Paragraph, Cloze Test/Numbered Gaps based on Hindi or English Story or Grammar, Spelling Test, One Word Substitution, Active and Passive Voice & Direct and Indirect Speech. According to the New pattern of competitive or all school board examinations.  The book  has arranged the previous years questions with error free explanation  and also tried to give the meaning of a difficult word after each set in the vocabulary section which will help the students to understand the questions easily and also help them to qualify in the competitive examinations.